My List of Values

My List of Values

2011, Aug 12    

I keep a sorted collection of things in a digital notebook called, of all things, TiddyWiki. One of the first things I added to it was a list of values. So, here’s a not so random page out of my offline journal. It’s impossible to say a list of this kind is complete. This one in particular is still in its infancy. An interesting thing to add to a list like this is your Anti-Values. Calling out what you stand against implies what you stand for, and gives you a blacklist of feelings to fight, which is good if you’re in a fighting mood that day.


  • Self Esteem – Step one is caring for yourself, and respecting yourself enough to care. It’s actually core to survival.
  • Friendship – Good friendship is built on respect and mutuality. You must admire your friends, in at least some way.
  • Humor – An absolute necessity. You might get by without some other things on this list, but life is nothing without a sense of humor.
  • Persistence – It’s an endurance sport. It matters on day 1049 way more than on day 1.
  • Candor – Honesty is the path to freedom. To be vulnerable and candid is to be relatable.
  • Practicality – Because life is short, do what works and be on with it.
  • Independence – Because we are in the best position to contribute when we are independent.
  • Courage – The ability to see through the false fears you’ve created for yourself, or at least to stubbornly go ahead regardless of them.
  • Determination – The bridge between your desires and reality. The force backing your ability to affect reality.
  • Resilience – Low points are a fact. Resilience is the answer.
  • Fun – Yes, it is a value, a moral!
  • Family – Whether you’ve fallen from the tree or not, you are a branch of a tree, and are the root of another. If they are good, our longest relationships on this world are our best.


  • Fear – By far, the arch anti-value. It is the root of all evil, from which all other anti-values can be derived.
  • Apathy – Because life without emotion is not only bland, but empty.
  • Laziness – Doing nothing is an injustice to your potential, and disrespectful of the opportunity God has given you to do something with yourself. Not to be confused with rest.
  • Selfishness – It is shortsighted and narrow to think that your own immediate gain at the expense of others will outpace the long term gain of mutual benefit.
  • Pride – Its lure is perceived empowerment, but when things go bad, you’re left powerless with anger.
  • Jealousy – Completely useless. Doesn’t even serve a false utility like some other anti-values. Admire the talents, skills, and even luck of others for their unique qualities, instead of falsely hoping to copy them.

What are your values (or anti-values)?