Hacker Notes: Read My Lisp!

Hacker Notes: Read My Lisp!

2011, Sep 22    

I just finished Paul Graham‘s canonical introduction to Common Lisp, creatively titled ANSI Common Lisp.

It was bittersweet, because I really enjoyed going through it. Though I’ve flirted with lisp code many times, this is the first time it has really stuck with me as ‘an experience’, on the way to ‘getting it’.

I don’t think those phrases are (always) elitist nonsense anymore. You really can write beautiful, elegant, and concise code with lisp that is hard, or impossible, to parallel in another language. I find that having its capability and style at hand makes striving for that beauty addictive. And definitely fun.

I published my answers to many of the exercises from the book to my github account under graham-ansi-common-lisp. Just there for reference. If you have any comments, questions, alternative solutions, or just want to agree with me that lisp is awesome, give me a shout!